This American TikTok User’s Brew Making Attempts WIll Have You In Stitches

This American TikTok User’s Brew Making Attempts WIll Have You In Stitches

There’s not one Yorkshire person that doesn’t love a good old brew to start the day. There are the usual arguments about when to add the milk or how long to let it stew for, but I bet you’ve not had to argue about the latest video that’s gone viral.

An American TikTok user @happygoliving went viral after taking to the social media app to ask how to use an electric kettle to make a traditional English tea. This was in replacement of heating it up in a microwave.

She took to TikTok in a video, which showed a kettle boiling and eventually water shoots out of the spout. At first, all looks fine but then we notice that the water is brown and that the American woman has put a teabag in the kettle before boiling instead of adding it to the mug as per usual.

Users were quick to point out the massive blunder that the woman had made too which she made another video to make a counterargument that left us dumbfounded.

She argues that it would make more sense to make a bigger pot of tea by adding the teabag to the kettle… I know crazy. Excuse me whilst I go clean my ears out to get rid of the stupidity that is this attempt at making a simple brew.

In her last video, after listening to people’s instructions on TikTok this is what the hilarious task concluded as.


#tea #kettle #storytime #update #foryourpage #fyp #foryoupage I did this to help mend relations with all of our countries

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Who needs to take into account hundreds of years of brew making excellence? Wonder what the woman would say at the invention of the tea pot.

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