Lidl Is Releasing A Bargain Inflatable Hot Tub This Sunday

That sun has started to poke its head up over the clouds after a week of bad weather, and he looks like he could be here to stay this time. This means we can get back into the garden, dust the rust off the BBQ and get working on that Yorkshire tan. 

Kicking off summer in the best way possible, Lidl recently released their huge 12ft swimming pool – which is, of course, big enough to keep the kids happy for a few hours. But whilst the kids are doing that, there has to be a way for the parents to unwind and enjoy their five minutes of peace before the kids are wanting for something (like they usually are).

Credit: Lidl

Picture this. The kids are playing in the garden, in the pool, or digging holes or whatever they get up to, and you’ve got a nice beer or wine in hand basking in the hot sun in style… In your very own hot tub, albeit. Unveiling their brand new inflatable hot tub, the new creation is perfect for luxury on a budget, and features whirlpool technology to help you relax.

Credit: Lidl

Available from Sunday 28th June, the hot tub rings in at just £299 and can fit up to four people comfortably, boasting its very own air jets designed to relax your body. The max temperature of the water is 42ºC, perfect for an all-year-round temperature.

Simple and easy to assemble, it includes a filter pump, a filter cartridge, drain hose adapter, cable measuring 5.1 metres, combination lock and covers with zipping – just few enough steps for a Yorkshireman to finish without getting bored. The bargain hot tub will be available to order online from Sunday, and can be found here. Be quick though, they’ve been known to sell-out fast in the past.

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Author: The Yorkshireman

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