This Is Where You Can See The Flying Scotsman In Yorkshire This Weekend

This Is Where You Can See The Flying Scotsman In Yorkshire This Weekend

The world-famous steam locomotive, known as the iconic 60103 Flying Scotsman, is scheduled to make a notable appearance this coming Sunday 10th September as it takes on the task of pulling ‘The Waverley’ train for The Railway Touring Company.

This event is expected to draw railway enthusiasts and spectators eager to witness this historic locomotive in action on the Settle to Carlisle line.

The journey of ‘The Waverley’ begins York before 10am, then on to Leeds station for around 10:30am, where it will head up towards Keighley, and Skipton, en route to Carlisle.

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To ensure safety and prevent overcrowding, specific timings for the journey have deliberately not been disclosed, thus reducing the risk of trespassing.

Realtime Trains, warned: “This service is expected to be extremely popular with many people going to see this train. Please use safe vantage points to see and take pictures of the train – stay clear of the line and do not risk your safety or that of others by trespassing on the tracks. Thank you.”

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Trespassing on railway lines or entering restricted areas of railway stations poses significant dangers and is discouraged. Given that regular train services will also be running concurrently with Flying Scotsman’s journey, it is crucial for spectators to maintain a safe distance from the railway tracks.

60103 Flying Scotsman, designed by Sir Nigel Gresley and constructed in 1923 at Doncaster, holds the distinction of being the first steam locomotive to officially reach a speed of 100 mph. It served faithfully under the LNER (London and North Eastern Railway) and was christened ‘Flying Scotsman’ in 1923. The locomotive continued to operate in regular service until 1963 before entering the realm of preservation.

As part of the Centenary celebrations organized by the National Railway Museum, 60103 Flying Scotsman is marking its 100th year in 2023. In commemoration of this milestone, it will be pulling several steam specials, including ‘The Waverleys’ along the renowned Settle & Carlisle Line.

For those interested in witnessing ‘The Waverley’ trains being hauled by 60103 Flying Scotsman, these journeys are scheduled for Sundays, specifically on September 10th, November 19th, and December 10th, departing from various stations in Yorkshire.

Tickets for the September 10th trip are already sold out, but there is still availability for the November and December dates.

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