Watch Heartwarming Moment A Baby Penguin Is Introduced To Adults At This Yorkshire Zoo

Watch Heartwarming Moment A Baby Penguin Is Introduced To Adults At This Yorkshire Zoo

A zoo in Yorkshire has been blessed with a newborn baby penguin. The adorable little critter was introduced to the rest of the zoo’s penguins yesterday, and the little things are the most adorable and heart-warming thing you’ll see today.

Credit: Sewerby Hall & Gardens

Sewerby Hall and Gardens in Bridlington, East Yorkshire is a 19th-Century parkland that is surrounded by fun things to do. Its wonderful zoo had a new addition in the form of a Humboldt penguin chick introduced to the rest of the gang in a cute video posted to their Facebook page.

The female, Pickle is the first chick to hatch at the zoo in 11 years. Mum Twinny, who is 19 years old and new male arrival to the zoo, Sigsby six are the proud parents to the new penguin.

Credit: Sewerby Hall & Zoo

After Twinny was having to do all the egg sitting, head zookeeper John Pickering had to take the egg home to incubate, according to Hull Live. Father Sigsby had abandoned his role, and it became too much for Twinny.

Pickering said: “Hand rearing Pickle has been an adventure – very challenging at times, but ultimately hugely rewarding, and I am absolutely delighted that we have now been able to introduce her to the other penguins.

“And, of course, this means that our visitors to the zoo can now see her as well, and share in our excitement.”

The video shows the newborn head over to John for some reassurance as it first enters the pen with the rest of the penguins before trying its first swim tentatively taking its first dive.

Head zookeeper John helped Pickle, by hand-rearing her and feeding her a blend of fish and saltwater four times a day. Pickle is the grandchild of the oldest penguin Rose, 31, who is believed to be the oldest Humboldt penguin in the world.

Watch the video in full below:

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