Here Are The Most Weird And Wonderful Christmas Trees On Sale This Year

Here Are The Most Weird And Wonderful Christmas Trees On Sale This Year

When we think of Christmas time we think of a fireplace with stockings hanging up, tinsel, fairy lights and the smell of cinnamon in the air. A Christmas tree sits in the corner covered in fairy lights, baubles with a star on top. But, maybe you don’t want a traditional Christmas setting, or Christmas tree, and maybe you just want to mix it up this year. Lord know it’s been a mixed up year all round anyway.

We’ve had a look at all the cool, interesting and different Christmas trees on the internet to see how you could change it up this year and add a little bit of a twist on your Christmas day. There are some weird and wonderful Christmas trees out there for 2020, and we’ve selected 9 of the best.

Metal Framed Christmas Tree

Credit: Argos

This sleek metal frame is perfect for this that want a minimalist, sleek, stripped back Christmas this year. It’s the perfect modern centre piece for smaller rooms. You can add some colour with bright baubles to contrast the metallic frame, or keep it understated with greys, and white shades. Like a slimline, easy to clean tree? Then this check this tree out here.

Cashmere Artificial Christmas Tree

Credit: Argos

If you’d like to go in the opposite direction to the metal framed stripped back tree, this ones for you! Are you dreaming of a deliciously tacky Christmas? This Pretty in Pink tree from Argos is the perfect seasonal shakeup. The perfect centre-piece will have the neighbours talking this festive season. We think that bright colourful lights, tinsel and crazy baubles are the only thing that can make this tree even better! If you’d like to find out more click here.

Lapland White Christmas Tree

Credit: Argos

This white number is an elegant little number, and quite good for someone that wants to try something a little different from the traditional tree. Dreaming of a white Christmas this year? This could be for you!. You can add colour with lights baubles and tinsel to make this the perfect white Christmas this year. For more information click here.

Argos Parasol Christmas Tree

Credit: Argos

Got cats, kids, dogs or all three? This parasol tree that stars halfway up will rid you of those heart stopping moments that only they can bring! Pus it’s half the effort to decorate! Plus, it gives your partner all that extra space to pile up your presents, or feel guilty for not getting you enough (we joke). If you would like to check it out click here.

Asda Rainbow Christmas Tree

Credit: Asda

Never mind a white Christmas! This beautiful rainbow tree will offer you a bright Christmas! It stands proud at 5ft tall and is definitely a centre piece that will be the focal point of any room. Running the line between tacky and tasteful this is one of our favourite Christmas trees this year. Best of all is, it almost doesn’t need any decorations, as it’s a whole load of fun on its own. Find out more here.

John Lewis Birch Twig Tree

Credit: John Lewis

This elegant, stripped back copper-coloured twig tree is a great alternative for people that want to be festive in a tasteful way this year. The white LED lights create a warm ambience to the room that will have you feeling that fuzzy festive feeling. Combined with a few choice Christmas pieces, it will create a cool stylish feeling to your room this Christmas.

Champagne Gold Pre-Lit Twig Tree

This charming Champagne gold twist tree lends itself to a range of rooms and creates a lovely, cosy and warm glow. If you’re looking for a more different look this Christmas the tree makes a great starting point to work around. Whether you go full on Christmas around it, or pick a few choice pieces for that Instagram look, this tree is versatile and works with both. For more information click here.

Deluxe Mayberry Upside Down Christmas Tree

Credit: Amazon

No, your husband hasn’t put the tree together wrong. A great metaphor for this year, this upside down tree will add some style to your home this Christmas. It’s a very unique tree, for a unique year. You’ll never get bored of it and we are sure you will have people talking with this little number. For more info click here.

Driftwood Christmas Tree

This tree is almost a piece of art! It’s is mesmerising to look at and, if you’re looking for something different definitely fits the bill. It is made to order, and will be one you can keep for each Christmas and decorate how ever you feel. it’s a blank canvas ready for you to add your touch too. Click here for more information.

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