Northern Couple Build Incredible Pub In The Garden During Lockdown

If there’s one we’ve missed during lockdown, it’s the pub. That inviting scent of old spilt ale that’s seeped into the furniture. The warm lighting and lively atmosphere of men getting lairy with their friends like it’s their first-ever pint. The shit but brilliant tunes that play in the background. There’s really nothing like it.

But not only has lockdown revealed to us what we love the most, it’s also uncovered those who are really worth their salt – creating businesses in their bedrooms and trying their hand at incredible decor projects… Or, if you’re this couple from Wigan – building an entire pub in a back garden.

Credit: Octavia Chic

Creatively named The Drunken Crab (due to being the Crabtree family), the couple behind a furniture painting business named Octavia Chic, Wigan put their creative heads together for the project – completely transforming a regular shed into a real-life pub with all the traditional fixtures for one of their clients.

Credit: Octavia Chic

The attention to detail is unbelievable, with a hanging sign outside emblazoned with their personal pub’s name, branded bar mats and coasters, a menu chalkboard and even old pub stools.

Credit: Octavia Chic

Sharing the project on their social media (which naturally went viral pretty quickly!), the pair said: “My husband and I have had a very busy few weeks working on our favourite project to date. ‘The Drunken Crab’ built, painted and interior designed for the Crabtree family who are loving having their own pub in the Garden.”

Credit: Octavia Chic

People have been going mad for the innovative build since the photos were posted, amassing over 32,000 shares and 59,000 comments from people lending their praise and wanting one of their own.

Octavia Chic has been overwhelmed with the response since, revealing that enquiries are through the roof from people wanting their very own garden pub. All I can say is, I hope the Mrs doesn’t see this ‘cos guaranteed she’ll have me in the bloody garden trying to make one of our own.

Author: The Yorkshireman

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