Stella Drinkers Aren’t Happy After Lager Lowers Alcohol Strength

Stella seems to be the beer of choice for most folk. If you turn up at a BBQ in the summer chances are there will be a few cold Stellas in the fridge. Well, it seems that Stella Artois has made the decision to lower their ABV — alcohol by volume from 4.8% down to 4.6& for all canned and on tap beer – and people aren’t happy.

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Taking to Tesco’s website people have been commenting about the taste of the beer since the change in strength. One person said that they were disappointed “when they reduced it from 5.2% to 5%, then down to 4.8%. Was truly surprised to find they’ve now reduced it down to 4.6%. Tasteless, even compared to some supermarket brands. Would never have ordered these if I knew they were so watered down.”

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Another customer said that: “Just like everyone else has said it’s now 4.6% and so liquered back with water it tastes nothing like it used to.”

A third wrote: “Now brewed in the UK under licence by AB InBev UK it has lost a lot of its flavour and strength from 5.2%, to 4.8% and now down to 4.6% I will not be buying this beer again in the UK it does not taste the same unless you go across the channel and buy it there at 5.2% and the nice taste it always had.”

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Their website is filled with dissatisfied customers that aren’t happy with their decision to lower the strength of their beer. It’s rating on the site is currently 1.5 stars. Will people be changing their beer of choice for summer 2021? 

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