Wilko Set To Return To High Street With Five Stores To Open Before Christmas

Wilko Set To Return To High Street With Five Stores To Open Before Christmas

In a bit of good news from the retail sector, Wilko is set to return to the high street with five new stores which are set to open before Christmas, according to reports. Wilko’s website and brand was bought by the owner of The Range, and it looks like it is set to rise from the ashes.

The majority of Wilko stores closed their doors throughout September and October, but the news is now that the first two shops that are set to open are in Plymouth and Exeter with plans to open one in the North of England.

The aims is to open five stores before Christmas with the two in Devon plus two more in the South East and one up North.

The other three locations have yet to be revealed, but an announcement is expected soon. The Range owner has also said that the former Wilko staff will be given priority in the recruitment process for jobs in the new stores.

Also reported is that there will be further stores across England, Scotland, Wales and for the first time Northern Ireland. But, this is yet to be confirmed by the firm itself.

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Chief executive Alex Simpkin said: “The public reaction to the loss of Wilko stores was undeniable. That’s why we’ve taken the decision to reintroduce Wilko back to many of the High Streets and communities that it used to so proudly serve.”

The new stores are set to be quite different, but won’t be pop ups. They will be permanent fixtures.

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Feature Image Credit: Wilko

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