Yorkshire Wildlife Park Announces New Arrivals In The Form Of Rare Giant Otter Triplets

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Announces New Arrivals In The Form Of Rare Giant Otter Triplets

Alexandra and Orimar, rare Giant Otters have welcomed their second litter into the world at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. This is the proud parent’s second litter as part of the ongoing conservation programme.

The programme aims to protect this endangered species. And, these triplets were born on Monday 27th March 2023 taking the park’s Gaint Otter count to nine with more triplets both back in February 2022.

The park is said to hold the largest number of Giant Otters in a single zoo or wildlife park in Europe.

Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

In the wild, they’re poached for their waterproof fur and meat. The Yorkshire Wildlife Park and WildLife Foundation charity, based at the park, protect giant otters in the wild by supporting conservation projects with the Instituto Argauaia in the Amazon.

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Aquatics Team Leader Kelsie Wood, said: “We are overjoyed at welcoming a second litter of Giant Otters in such a short time. Giant otters don’t always breed easily and every birth is a significant and valuable one for the breeding programme.

“Mum Alexandra is very relaxed this time – you can see she is an experienced mother. She will keep a careful eye on the pups as they start exploring. At the moment, they are mainly staying indoors.

“Meanwhile, Bonita, the eldest sibling, is taking charge of the last litter of triplets born in February last year so that Alex can concentrate on the new cubs. It is a real family effort! We can’t wait to see them all grow up together.

“This second litter, which is the third time Alex has given birth, is testament to our commitment to the conservation of endangered species, and we believe these pups will inspire our visitors to learn more about these incredible animals.”

The wildlife park shared the news on their social channels and people were quick to praise the cute new arrivals. One person wrote: “How gorgeous are they”

Whilst another commented: “OMG, the paws” and we couldn’t agree more! We can’t wait to come and visit the new arrivals.

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