The Yorkshireman That Is Known To Have The ‘World’s Longest Nose’

The Yorkshireman That Is Known To Have The ‘World’s Longest Nose’

Early in the 1700s, a Yorkshireman Thomas Wadhouse was known throughout Yorkshire for a significant appendage on his face. That being a 7.5-inch schnozzle. Known as Thomas Wedders he has the posthumous title of ‘World’s longest Nose’ in the world.

Wedder was born in Yorkshire in 1730 and due to his huge nose performed in a variety of sideshows and circuses across the mid-18th century. The nose of Wedders was said to have allegedly measured in at 7.5-inches which is around the size of the average pair of kitchen scissors, an iPad mini or more than four golf balls lined up.

World's Longest Nose Yorkshire
Credit: The Strand

He was given the posthumous title of ‘World’s largest Nose’ by the Guinness World Records in lieu of the evidence surrounding his abnormally large nose.

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It’s said that beyond his unusual appearance little is known about Thomas Wedders. There are some articles that appear to remark that he may be somewhat of an ‘idiot’ – this was referenced in an article in The Strand magazine.

The extract from The Strand reads: “But either his chin was too weak or his brow too low, or Nature had so exhausted herself in the task of giving this prodigy a nose as to altogether forget to endow him with brains; or perhaps, the nose crowded out this latter commodity. At all events, we are told this Yorkshireman expired, nose and all, as he had lived, in a condition of mind best described as the most abject idiocy.

Today you can visit a waxwork of Wedder’s in Ripley’s Believe it Or Not Odditoriums. That gives you a real perspective on just how big the 7.5-inch snout was. Whether the history of the tale is true or an exaggerated notion over time.

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Feature Image Credit: Ripley’s Believe it Or Not Odditoriums

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