Nestle Has Released A Limited Edition Yorkie Chocolate Orange – And It Sounds Amazing

Just when we thought that every brand had launched its own version of orange chocolate, another one pulls it out the bag. Yorkie Chocolate Orange is the latest in a lineup of 2021’s new releases. You’d think we’d be getting bored of chocolate orange, but oh no, we want more!

Yorkie Chocolate Orange
Credit: NewFoodsUK

First spotted on Instagram back in February the Yorkie Chocolate Orange was spotted on John’s Snack Review, which said that the all-new chocolate bar was set to hit the supermarkets after Easter, and here we are. Lockdown is slowly lifting and the world of chocolate is ours for the taking.

Credit: Nestle

Well, we are nearing the end of April and NewFoodsUK took to their Instagram to announce the news that the new chocolate bar is set to be released in May. Their caption read “Limited-Edition Yorkie Orange available at supermarkets in May”. And. We. Can’t. Wait.

Yorkie Chocolate Orange
Credit: Yorkie

Our favourite up to now has been the Galaxy Chocolate Orange that tastes so silky, you can’t just have one bite. But, we are a sucker for a good ol’ beefy Yorkie bar, so this news has hit us like a tonne of bricks. Let’s hope they see success and follow in the footsteps of the Orange Twirl and make it available at all times.

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