Yorkshireman Shares Life Hack For Heatwave With Genius Work-From-Home Set-Up

Yorkshireman Shares Life Hack For Heatwave With Genius Work-From-Home Set-Up

We all know the heat ha been unbearable over the last few days, but not for one Yorkshireman who found the perfect way to beat the heat this week.

A video posted to TikTok account @thatswhatjaysaid has over 600k views and 28k likes after Jay found the perfect way to keep cool in the 39C weather.

He decided to take his work outside with him and created an ingenious workspace, which just happened to be underwater.

Yep, that’s right. Jay can be seen leaving his house to ‘commute’ to work and then walking into a paddling pool full of water.

Inside the paddling pool are a desk, chair and his laptop (hopefully not his work laptop) balanced on top. He can be seen with his bottom half submerged in the water loving the heatwave.

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What a way to stay cool! Just wonder if work fancies getting us all our own paddling pools for the next heatwave to hit.

People were quick to praise Jay for his clever life hack to deal with the warm weather with one person commenting: “work harder, not smarter”.

A point we wouldn’t even have thought of but funny nonetheless was another person’s comment which read: ““Don’t need to get up for a wee either.” Can’t argue with it though.

I wonder if I could fit my bed in the bath tonight and try the same thing? Don’t think the Missus would be best pleased.

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