Yorkshire Water Issues Hosepipe Ban Statement As Reservoir Levels Fall During Heatwave

Yorkshire Water Issues Hosepipe Ban Statement As Reservoir Levels Fall During Heatwave

As temperatures in Yorkshire hit record highs, Yorkshire Water has noted that reservoir levels have fallen lower than normal which has raised the idea of hosepipe bans being a real prospect.

As of now, there are no plans for restrictions, but Yorkshire Water has asked customers to use less water in a bid to prevent such actions. The last hosepipe band was back in 2012.

June’s water situation showed reservoir levels were already down to 63.4% compared to last year’s 85% over the same period.

Parts of Yorkshire are expected to hit record highs of 39C this week and the hosepipe is one way in which people might turn to to try to cool down.

In a bid to help the public deal with their water usage, Yorkshire Water asked the public to use less water and has given a range of tips for saving water which includes watering flowerbeds early in the morning or late at night, recycling water e.g paddling pool water used to water plants, leave the lawn and more check out others below.

A spokeswoman for Yorkshire Water said: “Yorkshire has experienced a particularly dry spring and summer, which has meant our reservoirs are lower than normal for this time of year.

“During the hot weather, we’ve been supplying more water than normal to our customers. That’s why we’re asking our customers to use water wisely and allow their lawns to go brown, not wash the car for a few weeks and turn the taps off when they’re brushing their teeth to stop waste and reduce the likelihood of restrictions later in the summer.”

Pictures were posted to Twitter which showed the popular tourist attraction, Aysgarth Falls, in the Yorkshire Dale bone dry. The River which usually has an impressive flow is now just a trickle with people able to walk onto the bed of the river.

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