Yorkshire’s Seaside Town Houses To Be Turned Into A Kaleidoscope of Colours

Yorkshire’s Seaside Town Houses To Be Turned Into A Kaleidoscope of Colours

It looks like Yorkshire is getting its own Balamory as a row of seaside properties come to become a rainbow of colours to help boost tourism.

Along the North Yorkshire Coast, the seaside town of Redcar is going to get a lick of paint to brighten up the place taking their inspiration from the classic children’s show, Balamory.

The Balamory houses are a colourful painted street, usually located in a seaside spot. They featured on the BBC television children’s programme of the same name.

The work could be set to start after summer as £300k has been from the project. Discussing the new project Labour council leader Alec Brown said he’d “wished” for a “Balamory effect” along the seafront for years, according to the BBC.

Credit: Malc McDonald/Geograph)

The houses that are set to become awash with colour are located opposite the seafront’s new cinema. The money will come from the £25m that makes up the Redcar Town Deal.

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Credit: Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council

Conservative MP for Redcar, Jacob Young said the coloured housing would: “look great as an entrance to our town”.

While the council don’t own the buildings they surveyed the 22 owners who had given their approval, according to Mr Brown.

He said: “I appreciate it is public money coming out of the town deal however it is a unique selling point we want to create for people here in Redcar… It has been really, really popular on social media”, whilst speaking to the BBC.

Credit: Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council

Redcar is famous for the invention of the classic lemon top ice cream. Paccitto in Redcar is the original creator of the lemon top and its legacy goes back over 100 years.

A lemon top ice cream consists of a whipped dairy ice cream in a cone or tub topped with a tangy blob of lemon sorbet and Paccitto’s lemon tops are the originals.

Credit: Photo © Rob Farrow (cc-by-sa/2.0)

It’s also home to Coatham Beach, Redcar a spacious stretch of beach found along the Tees estuary at the tip of Yorkshire and runs along the North Sea. 

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Feature Image Credit: Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council

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