10 Pictures That Prove That York Is Britain’s Worst City

10 Pictures That Prove That York Is Britain’s Worst City

If you’re thinking about visiting York at any point in your life we will save you time and say don’t. If you like old historical cobbled streets, loads of pubs and places to eat then watch out as there are so many in York that you’ll have trouble picking. And, don’t get us started on scenic riverside views as the River Ouse runs right through the city centre offering up idyllic views that you’ll spend all your time snapping pictures of.

I suppose if that sounds like fun to you then I guess York is worth a visit, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

1. Just disgusting, all those old ruins everywhere…

Everything in the city is old as owt. You’ll get board at looking at such stunning Gothic-inspired Architecture such as St Mary’s Abbey in the Museum Gardens.

2. Too many bloody waterside views

And, do get me started on the River Ouse. The majestic river runs through the centre of the city. And, you have to wal alongside it enjoy the picturesque views of the ancient bridges and wonderful buildings that sit overlooking it. You may even have to enjoy a beer in one of its riverside bars.

3. And more…

When the sun goes down, it gets even more beautiful. Enjoy a moonlit walk along the Ouse like you’re in Paris or some other romantic spot in Europe.

4. Those narrow cobbled streets with wonky buildings, who needs them?

The Shambles hasn’t even been tarmacked yet. You have to walk on uneven amazing cobbled streets like something out of a fairy tale.

5. York Minster is in view where ever you seem to go…

Can’t go anywhere in York without seeing one of Europe’s largest gothic cathedrals..

6. There it is again, this time from a rooftop cocktail bar…

Ergh, even when you’re trying to enjoy a nice cocktail at sunset at York’s rooftop bar on top of the Malmaison hotel you have to take in that stunning minster.

7 And again, from the iconic York Walls this time…

York has more miles of intact wall than any other city in England and you can walk them whilst enjoying York Minster AGAIN.

8. More beautiful cobbled streets with boutique shops, pubs and cocktail bars…

Old pubs, boutique shops and unique experiences are in abundance in Yorkshire’s capital city. And you get to enjoy them all…

9. And this beautiful street food village with craft ales, erghhh!

What’s that? It does street food and craft ales as well as fine dining spots? You can enjoy them all at Spark:York located in York City Centre.

10. Beautiful museums steeped in history? No thank you!

Castle Museum, The Yorkshire Museum, The National Railway Museum, York Art gallery. All full of culture and waiting to be explore.

What an horrible city… Or maybe not.

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