Aldi Is Selling 99p Beers Rescued From Unused Pub Stock

Aldi Is Selling 99p Beers Rescued From Unused Pub Stock

Aldi announces a new initiative today that will help save gallons of beer that would have otherwise gone to waste due to the pandemic. The move will help 13 breweries by stocking their beers, which would usually be sold straight to pubs and are unfortunately facing the drain as a result of the pandemic. The beers will be sold at the cheap-as-chips price of 99p – making it the perfect treat while we wait for all this to blow over.

Aldi Nuneaton Store. 14th September 2017. Picture by Simon Hadley. Simon Hadley Photography.

Making available 25,000 gallons of craft beer, the products are set to hit shelves tomorrow, January 28. And if you want to snap some up, you’ll need to be quicker than Usain Bolt – with the bargain products set to be a huge hit with Aldi shoppers.

There range includes golden ales, amber ales, IPAs, and bitter – providing a little something for every beer lover out there. Derby Brewing is just one of the breweries Aldi is supporting and their Managing Director Paul Harris has said: “It’s been a really difficult year for us. As brewers, we take pride in our beer and our craft.”

“It would have been terrible to see it go to waste so it’s a massive boost for us that Aldi is taking on our excess stock and supplying our award-winning beer to punters across the UK.”

“It is great to see Aldi supporting local producers in this way.”

Shepherd Neames’ Spitfire Gold are the cheapest of the 13 new additions – which you will be able to get 500ml for 99p.

Check out the beers on offer below and their prices:

  • Shepherd Neame’s Spitfire Gold (500ml) – 99p
  • Bad Co’s Wild Gravity (330ml) – £1.49
  • Derby Brewing’s Business as Usual (500ml) – £1.49
  • Thornbridge’s Shelby (330ml) – £1.49
  • West Berkshire Brewery’s Snake Oil (330ml) – £1.49
  • Marston’s Warsteiner (12 x 330ml) – £8.99
  • Brewgooder’s Brewgooder Moyo Juice (330ml) – £1.49
  • Harbour Brewing’s Puffin Tears (330ml) – £1.49
  • Dartmoor Brewery’s Dartmoor Jail Ale (500ml) – £1.49
  • Hook Norton Brewery’s Old Hooky (500ml) – £1.49
  • St Peters’ St Peters Best Bitter (500ml) – £1.49
  • Hall & Woodhouse’s Tangle Foot (4 x 440ml) – £3.99
  • Brutal Brewing’s Pistonhead Haze Lager (330ml) – £1.49

As the booze has been purchased as a part of the supermarket’s Specialbuys, once they’re gone, they’re gone – and stock won’t be replenished. The beers will not be available online either.

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