Aldi Releasing A £50 Fire Pit That Doubles As A BBQ Just In Time For Summer

Summer is here. How do we know? Not only is the weather absolutely glorious, but Aldi is pulling out all the stops on their special buys especially for the season. Earlier this month, the budget supermarket announced their super-cheap pizza ovens, but now, they’ve gone one step further – bringing back their fire pit and log burner so you can stay out in the garden that little bit longer this summer.

Us Yorkshire folk aren’t used to having much sun, so when it does arrive, we stay outside until the temperature drops well below the appropriate levels. Hoodies donned and blankets out, we’ll stay outside until every ounce of the sun has burnt our pale bodies – and thanks to Aldi, we can stay outside a few moments longer.

Credit: Aldi

There’s something about creating your own fire that’s pretty appealing when it comes to home decor. And these two little ditties help you feel like are creating something… Even if that something is smelly clothes and a mess to clean up later.

The fire pit is made from a stylish dark grey faux stone, and will set you back only £49.99. We know, it’s a steal. Not only does it look pretty cool, but it also doubles as a BBQ, the perfect addition to any garden this summer. 

Their new black steel log burner is just as cool too, at just £59.99. It has a compartment underneath that enables you to store your logs, with an open-fire style that provides a cosy feel (and keeps the bugs at bay!). Both are available from Thursday 30th April in stores and online, so keep your eyes peeled on your next essential shop.

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