Animal Shelters In Yorkshire Are Struggling Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak

As the public retreat indoors to avoid contracting Coronavirus, a number of businesses have taken a huge hit, with dog shelters across the country in particular beginning to struggle their way through the pandemic.

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While businesses such as bars, restaurants and “non-essential” shops have been ordered to close, the likes of charities and shelters still have responsibilities to undertake, despite the government not announcing any support for charitable and non-profit businesses.

Animal charities across the UK have been forced to shut fundraising shops and close their centres to the public, having a detrimental effect on adoptions and donations. As a result, centres such as RSPCA York and the Halifax, Huddersfield and Bradford branch have needed to call on the public for donations, which are critical for the centres to continue caring for homeless animals.

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To keep the centre from closing down, the York branch has launched an emergency appeal to raise £60,000 for their monthly cost, with a representative confirming the branch had lost 90% of its income already – just one week into the UK’s new “lockdown” style rules. The centre is also unable to help re-home any of its animals during the lockdown, with people unable to leave their homes during this period.

Peter Gorbert, the RSPCA branch manager for York, said: “It’s difficult knowing that we have animals that could be going home but can’t because of the lockdown.”

To help during the lockdown period, check out your local shelter’s communications to find out how to make donations.

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