Statue Of Her Majesty The Queen To Be Installed At York Minster

Statue Of Her Majesty The Queen To Be Installed  At York Minster

A statue, and plans for a Queen Elizabeth Square to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee could be set to be installed at the York Minster for next year. Details of the statue are a closely guarded secret until its reveal at an event to mark the Queen’s Jubilee in 2022.

Discussing the statue, The Rt Revd Dr Jonathan Frost, Dean of York Minster, said: “Details of the statue design are confidential and need to be given only essential and limited circulation so that the city of York can plan a public ‘reveal’ in 2022 in conjunction with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.”

Credit; Pixabay

The BBC reported that a letter from Sir Edward Young, private secretary to the Queen, says a design that was shown to the Queen was approved in principle.

The new statue would be placed in a niche that has never been had a statue before, according to planning documents.

The news comes as Oxford University students reportedly removed a picture of the Queen from their common room as she is seen as a symbol of colonialism. Gavin Williams a Conservative Party member said their actions were simply ‘absurd’.

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