Asda Is Selling 1-Litre Of Baileys For Just £10 This Weekend Only

Ooof! Baileys at Christmas is a must, we all agree. There is nothing like putting the Christmas tree up with some Christmas tunes blaring and a lovely glass of Baileys with ice. And, this year’s Black Friday, Asda are giving the stuff away.

Credit: Wikimedia

From Friday 19th November to Sunday 22nd November, the supermarket chain will be selling a 1-litre bottle of Baileys for just a tenner. With the standard price being around £20 that’s around 50% saved. What a bargain.

The deal will be available across over 600 Asda in England, but with a deal this good, we are sure they’ll be soon supped. Make sure you don’t miss out over the weekend.

Credit: Pixabay

If you’re craving a creamy liqueur and want something a little different, Aldi has a new offering that tastes just like ‘milky bar‘. We are sure that the offers will just keep appearing out of the woodwork during the run up to Christmas, so keep your eyes peeled for the best deals out there.

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