7 Of The Best Independent Breweries From Yorkshire

7 Of The Best Independent Breweries From Yorkshire
Ready for a few beers now!

There’s nowt better than a fresh pint after a hard day grafting. Even better is a nice local pint – and Yorkshire has plenty to offer for those wanting to try something a little different. From a proper ale to a refreshing IPA, Yorkshire breweries have it all – and we wanted to share with you some of our favourites from across the region.

Whether North, South, East or West Yorkshire, the beers you’ll be suppin’ are of the finest quality and these brewers are inspired. In a competitive market, making unique and tasty ales is no small task, and all of the talented brewers that have made it onto our list have really got it down to a T.

North Brewing Co, Leeds

Credit: North Brew Company

Founded in 2015, North Brewing Co was founded by the creators of the hip and cool Leeds bar, North Bar – which opened in 1997 and is known as ‘the first craft beer bar’ in Britain. Their beers are as innovative as their bar is and are now one of the best breweries in Yorkshire, so it’s well worth getting some ordered while lockdown continues!

🍻 Our pick: Piñata Mango & Guava Pale

Vocation Brewery, Hebden Bridge

Credit: Vocation Brewery

Set in the quaint town of Hebden Bridge, Vocation has created inspired ales that speak for themselves. Just look at the gorgeous packaging! They set out their stall as ‘not following trends’ and pouring ‘punchy pints’, and it seems to be working, as Vocation is now a popular brewery with a whole host of tasty brews to its name.

🍻 Our pick: Pure Pilsner

Northern Monk, Leeds

Credit: Northern Monk

Inspired by the history of monastic brewing, Northern Monk are a powerhouse in independent Yorkshire ales. They create high-quality beers by combining monastic brewing values with traditional brewing techniques to create something new and individual. In recent years, the brewery has catapulted in growth, becoming one of the most popular exports our region has to offer.

🍻 Our pick: Northern Star

Wold Top Brewery, Driffield

Credit: Wold Top Brewery

Veterans in the brewer’s world, Wold Top Brewery was founded in East Yorkshire back in 2003. It’s based atop the gorgeous wolds, and is a family run business that is on to the third and fourth generations. Made from homegrown barley and water that is filtered by the chalk of Yorkshire wolds, their beers scream Yorkshire with every drop.

🍻 Our pick: Wold Gold

Abbeydale Brewery, Sheffield

Credit: Abbeydale Brewery

As Sheffield as they come, Abbeydale Brewery blend traditional brewing with creativity and innovation. And, the fact they’ve been around since 1996 shows it must be working. Based in the heart of the Antiques Quarter, these guys know their way around a beer (or three).

🍻 Our pick: Moonshine

Kelham Island Brewery, Sheffield

Credit: Kelham Island Brewery

Another oldie but goldie, Kelham Island Brewery was built in 1990 in the beer garden of the Fat Cat. They were the first new independent brewery in almost 100 years at the time, which was truly an incredible feat. Their motto is ‘a story behind every beer’. And they’re definitely on to something with their tasty offerings.

🍻 Our pick: Pale Rider

Wilde Child Brewing Company, Leeds

Credit: Wilde Child Brewing Co.

As homegrown as Yorkshire breweries come, back in 2010, Wilde Child started as novice brewers with plastic buckets, some steriliser, a hosepipe and a malt extract kit. After finding a passion for it, the journey started on a five-year plan to learn all there is to the world of brewing beer. Now in 2020, Wilde Child is an established brand both in the Leeds and the wider Yorkshire area.

🍻 Our pick: Shrimps and Barbies Pale Ale

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