The Yorkshire Bakery Famous For Its Bruce Bogtrotter-Inspired Cake Is Opening In Leeds

The Yorkshire Bakery Famous For Its Bruce Bogtrotter-Inspired Cake Is Opening In Leeds

Remember sprinkle-gate? No? Well, back in 2021 a Leeds bakery went viral after its hilarious rant after someone reported them for using ‘illegal sprinkles’. Yep, you heard right.

Get Baked in Leeds is known for its hilarious Instagram as well as its amazing desserts and they’re opening in Leeds City Centre. Rich Myers, the owner, certainly knows how to grab a headline with his sarcastic comments on the internet – and it’s a god job he’s got the tasty treats to back it all up.

One of the famous treats that Get Baked in Leeds is known for is its amazing Bruce Bogtrott-inspired chocolate cake, which if you’ve seen Matilda you’ll know what we are taking about.

Credit: Get Baked

The chocolate cake slices are absolutely massive and have customers raving about them all over social media. So, we are very excted for the new Get Baked in Leeds city centre this summer.

The second bakery is opening in Crown Street, The Calls just down from the strip club, Whiskey Down. It’s hoped that the venue will open in July and will be offering a range of tasty treats.

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Posting the news to its Instagram, he wrote: “magine if we had an eat-in spot in Leeds City Centre that served all of our classic menu items, alongside a brand new breakfast and lunch offering — GB style.

Get Baked Leeds City Centre
Credit: Get Baked

“I’m talking proper fluffy as f*** pancakes, I’m talking proper fluffy-as-fuck pancakes. I’m talking proper fluffy-as-fuck French toast. I’m talking eggs that have been so well poached, you’ll think you have died, and gone to hell.

Rich used his textbook humour to promote the new location photoshopping writing over the current business that said ‘this will say Get Baked’.

The OG Get Baked bakery opened in Headingley back in 2011 and he’s gone from strength to strength with his own line of sprinkles and a cookbook to owner Rich’s name.

Keep an eye out for the new opening via the Get Baked Instagram here.

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