How Betty’s Tea Room Became A Yorkshire Institution

How Betty’s Tea Room Became A Yorkshire Institution

Tea and Yorkshire go together like gin and tonic. It’s a divine pairing crafted by the Gods, whose relationship has grown only stronger as the decades have passed.

But it was way back in the 17th century that we were first introduced to the tasty brew, brought over to us by the East India Company exclusively for the rich and famous of that time. Now, us commoners couldn’t go a morning (or afternoon) without it – and it’s pretty much the only thing running through our veins.

Credit: Betty’s

Founded by Swiss baker Fritz Bützer back in 1919, Betty’s have cemented themselves as the champions of the proper brew for over a century now, bringing a little bit of sparkle to the now quintessentially British drink.

After learning to become a confectioner and chocolatier in both France and Switzerland, Bützer brought his skills to Harrogate, where he met his wife and began crafting what would be a century of success for his business, Betty’s.

Credit: Betty’s

So what is it that made Betty’s so special? Something that has been consistent during their 100 years in business is the exquisite interiors and excellent service, which is how the name ‘Betty’s’ came to hold so much prestige just a few years into trading.

Becoming a household name by the 20s, Betty’s pioneered the concept of Afternoon Tea – a trend that was yet to reach the mainstream audience mid-century. It was an experience that was intertwined with Bützer’s offering of delicately made chocolates, which were perfectly packaged alongside their beautifully crafted cakes.

Credit: Betty’s | The first ever location in Harrogate, 1919

Now, after mastering the art of handmade chocolates, cakes, wedding cakes, and, of course, the now iconic Yorkshire Tea brand, Betty’s has remained at the pinnacle of tea rooms – continuing to offer a luxury experience that patrons flock to every single year.

Today, Betty’s is the place to be for a good old Yorkshire Fat Rascal, with many considering the fruity scones to be an example of the treat at its finest.

Credit: Betty’s

Continuing its century-long legacy, Betty’s offers fine-crafted chocolates still to this day, as well as a large array of delicious cakes, Fat Rascals, indulgent truffles and an unbeatable Afternoon Tea experience with Betty’s very own tea room blend.

Betty’s is home to six tea rooms across Yorkshire, with venues in York, Harrogate, Ilkley and Northallerton. Find your nearest here.

[Featured image: Betty’s]

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