An 11-Inch Stone-Carved Penis Uncovered In Archaeological Dig In North Yorkshire

An 11-Inch Stone-Carved Penis Uncovered In Archaeological Dig In North Yorkshire

After finding out that North Yorkshire was home to the biggest and most expensive fossilised poo in the world, we thought we’d seen it all, but it turns out we haven’t. A huge stone-carved penis was discovered in an archaeological dig in Catterick, North Yorkshire.

That’s right, found in a former Roman site, the 11-inch dong, complete with a line of ejaculate, was found in a site that has been excavated for the last five years.

Credit: Northern Archaeological Associates

It was found along with 62,000 historical objects during this time. The stone-carving that any man would have been proud to have been the model.

The cock of the North was found back in 2014, and the North Archaeological Associates has been analysing it, along with its other finds over the last few years. It is believed to date back to the first century AD, which was the early years of the ancient empire’s occupation of Britain.

Other items found included a 2,000-year-old pistachio nut, the oldest over found in Britain, pottery, incense burners, brooches and works of art, 2.8 tonnes of animal bones and 2.5 tonnes of pottery.

Credit: The Yorkshire Museum

Items found are to be displayed in the Yorkshire Museum in York in what is been considered as one of the most significant insights into life in a Roman for the town.

Dr Jonathan Shipley, principal heritage consultant with AECOM – the infrastructure giant which carried out the road improvements – said it would “hugely increase our understanding of the development of the site”.

Highways England has also been working with infrastructure firm AECOM on the renovation project.

Helen Maclean, of AECOM, said: “This brings to completion 17 years of integrated archaeological and engineering work on the A1.

“There have been some fantastic discoveries during the archaeological work, which have greatly enhanced our archaeological knowledge.”

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