BrewDog Is Giving Away Eight Free Beers

BrewDog Is Giving Away Eight Free Beers

Did somebody say free beer? We’re there quicker than a Yorkshireman to the floor, when he’s dropped a fiver. BrewDog have taken to their social media accounts to notify their followers of their free beer giveaway in which you can receive 8 free beers, yes eight FREE beers. Get in!

Credit: Brewdog

Independent brewery BrewDog are once again giving away free beer as a way of introducing their new monthly beer club. As a way to promote the new club that offers 8 new beers, 4 styles of beer, 2 friends and one magazine.

When we joined the queue it was at 14,722 with an estimated time to check out at 16:22 – which worked out at around a 30 minute wait, which we are sure will only get longer as people get wind of these new fantastic deal, so be quick.

Last time the offer was on it was for their Lost Lager which is described as “the world’s only carbon negative lager,” this is down to the company saying it will plant a tree for every four-pack of beer bought. Last time they did this you just had to pay a small fee on postage and packaging, but it’s worth it for a few tinnies.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in get joining the queue here now.

BrewDog isn’t shy of showing their generosity, at the end fo the fist lockdown they bought the whole world a beer as a reward for doing our bit during the pandemic. We know that we can’t wait for our beers to arrive as a part of their new beer club. Cheers everyone.

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