The Fairytale Yorkshire Village That Looks As Though It’s From A Storybook

The Fairytale Yorkshire Village That Looks As Though It’s From A Storybook

When I think about the places my imagination took me when reading fairytale storybooks as a child, the scenes consisted of ample greenery, stunning arched bridges, hills for miles and, of course, magical castles complete with towers and flags. And while Burnsall doesn’t quite have a grand palace made of stone, it does have everything else.

Nestled in the South of the Yorkshire Dales in the picturesque Wharfedale, Burnsall is a tiny rural village with just a handful of homes there, all perfectly positioned along the twinkling River Wharfe.

Credit: Photo © Doug Elliot (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Dating back to Anglo-Saxon times, the historic village is little-known, but it carries a huge amount of history within its small boundary of the Yorkshire Dales.

An original Anglo-Viking settlement, today, Burnsall remains home to rare Viking and Anglo-Saxon carved stones, which can still be seen to this day at the quaint parish church that stands tall above the waterside village.

Credit: Photo © David Martin (cc-by-sa/2.0)

It’s a popular destination for those in the know that love a slice of peace and quiet, with just one pub, a hotel, two cafes and a village shop to its name. We did say it was rural.

In the summer months, you’ll find guests soaking up the scenery by the riverside, walkers taking an idyllic rest from the Dales Way or diners enjoying the views from afar at the nearby Devonshire Fell Hotel – but whatever they’re doing, best believe it’s blooming relaxing.

Credit: Burnsall sunrise/Alethe/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

A hop, skip and a hike away from nearby Dales highlights such as Appletreewick, Grimwith Reservoir and the stunning Linton Falls, the stunning village is most certainly one to add to your travel list this summer – and most definitely one you’ll want a snap a few photos of while you’re there.

[Featured image: Photo © Ian Greig (cc-by-sa/2.0)]

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