Cadbury’s Are Now Selling Creme Egg and Mini Egg Tins For Easter

Forget the January diet… Easter chocolate is now on sale and it’s better than ever. We’ve retired our days of scoffing even the coconut flavoured Quality Streets, and dived straight into Cadbury’s brand new Creme Egg and Mini Egg chocolate tins, especially created for Easter.

The tins, perfect for those who like to trick people with sewing kits, are packed with chocolately goodness, with 409g of the stuff to be precise.

While we all kind of hoped they were just filled to the top with lots and lots of eggs, the Creme Egg tin includes 8 full-sized Creme Eggs, along with a bag of mini Creme Eggs, and the Mini Eggs tin includes 10 32g bags of Mini Eggs.

The tins cost just £6, and because of that you might have a bit of a mare finding one, since they’ve already been super popular with chocoholics (and sewing tin collectors, we presume).

The tins are on sale on Cadbury’s website and are the perfect alternative to the usual chocolate egg – if re-useable tins are more your style that is. For me, I personally love it when you get one of those shit mugs with your egg that you forever use to make gravy in. Nothing says Easter quite like a shit mug and an extra 4 pounds on the scales.

Cadbury’s new tins are back in stock tomorrow (14th January) and available to purchase here.

Chocolate fans will also be pleased to see that this year’s egg offering includes a brand new Bournville dark chocolate egg, Darkmilk egg, Choca-latte egg, and of course all of the usual suspects.