Clarkson’s Farm Fans Left Upset At ‘Shocking Use Of Taxpayers Money’ After Season 2 Viewing

Clarkson’s Farm Fans Left Upset At ‘Shocking Use Of Taxpayers Money’ After Season 2 Viewing

Clarkson’s Farm series two has just started and we’ve been loving the new series along with the rest of the fans of the show. And, some viewers have already been left fuming over the ‘shocking use of taxpayers money’ that Jeremy Clarkson highlighted within the series.

The new series once again followers the goings on Diddly Squat Farm as Kaleb Cooper struggles to keep his calm dealing with farming newby Jeremy Clarkson who owns the 1,000-acre farm in the Cotswolds.

The issue that has left fans fuming is the badger issue highlighted on the programme in episode four where Clarkson and the gang learn that the artificial insemination project for his newly purchased cows hadn’t worked.

Clarkson is taught about the bovine tuberculosis outbreak in the UK caused by the badger populations. It’s explained by the vet, Dilwyn Evans that badgers along with deer and foxes spread the disease, but the former can be culled by land owners whereas badgers have been protected by law since the 1980s to stop badger baiting.

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Whilst no one was calling for badger baiting to be made legal, viewers weren’t happy that the issue causes taxpayers so much money.

LADBible reported that a few took to Twitter to voice their opinion on the matter with one person writing: “Watching Clarkson’s Farm is so frustrating. It demonstrates what a nonsense this country is.

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Watching badgers spread TB and wipe out farmers because they were protected in the 80s to stop badger baiting which no longer exists is ridiculous. A country of pointless red tape.”

Another said: “All I’ve figured out from Clarkson’s Farm 2 so far is that badgers are costing taxpayers over 100 million and costing farmers their livelihood.”

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And a third wrote: “I started watching Clarkson’s Farm 2 last night… I was shocked that the tax payer is paying over 150 million to compensate the bovine tb problem.”

Farming website Agriland reported how Clarkson said it was a difficult topic to cover talking about the perils of cattle farming: Bovine tuberculosis (TB) and badgers.

The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire presenter said: “That was one of the most difficult areas to cover because the badger is much-loved by most people in the country.”

“In fact, the only people who absolutely hate badgers are farmers and people who work in the countryside. We thought, ‘what do we do?’ because if you want to make a popular show you have to say, ‘Oh, look at the little cuddly-wuddly badgers’.

“But I thought: No, it’s a farming show, and you’d lose your core audience, the farmers, if you went around, saying, ‘look at these sweet little animals’.”

The popular farming show is not one to shy away from difficult topics with some farmers saying Clarkson has ‘done more for farmers in one series of Clarkson’s Farm than Countryfile achieved in 30 years’farming’.

Catch up on the new series of Clarkson’s Farm on Prime Video now.

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