BBC One’s Newest Thriller ‘Better’ Is Being Filmed In Leeds

BBC One’s Newest Thriller ‘Better’ Is Being Filmed In Leeds

A BBC One drama has been filmed in Leeds. Named Better is set to match the high standard that the channel has had of late with incredible shows like prison drama Time featuring Yorkshireman, Sean Bean.

The new BBC One thriller is produced by the content studio SISTER and Created by Jonathan Brackley and Sam Vincent, Better tells the story of a woman’s journey towards redemption and reclaiming the honour and honesty she gave up to a man in the past.

Discussing the new thriller Jonathan and Sam stated “We’re euphoric… and feel tremendously privileged to have recruited such a creative collection of people to tell this narrative in the beautiful city of Leeds, with a plethora of local Yorkshire talent on and off camera, alongside SISTER and the BBC.”

“This incredible cast are exciting us every day, pushing the show’s exploration of morality and redemption to ever more thrilling, surprising, and yet darkly funny places. With any luck, we’ve got enough brilliant people to make ourselves look good.”

Nawfal Faizullah, from BBC Drama, said: “Jonathan and Sam have created an iconic character in Lou Slack, and we are delighted that Leila Farzad is bringing her to life, alongside her brilliant partner in crime, Andrew Buchan.

“We’re excited to be working with SISTER again and we can’t wait for audiences to be hooked by this thrilling story of redemption.”

What can you expect from the new BBC One thriller Better?

Looking at the themes of loyalty and family, Better is a story of redemption as well as also a bold thriller that will have us on the edge of our seats.

It is set to be a fast-moving, edge-of-your-seat thriller, shot along with the addition of wit and humour.

The miniseries examines the power of human conscience and the need for redemption, as well as the ties that bind, the ties that define and the ties that break.

Leila Farzad as DI Lou Slack

This character is confident, quick-witted and wry. She was always destined to be a detective, just like her father, she is a legendary detective in the same Yorkshire force. While to her peers, she can do no wrong, Lou’s success actually lies on a foundation of deceit and corruption.

As the synopsis reads: “19 years ago, when Lou was a young police officer at her lowest ebb, and Col a low-ranking but ambitious newcomer to the Leeds underworld, their paths crossed, and they struck a deal that changed their lives forever. The bargain allowed Col to become very rich and very powerful, and Lou to turn around her failing career.

“A complex but special bond between the pair was forged, and so began Lou’s gradual slide into corruption. It started slowly, almost imperceptibly – small favours for Col here and there in return for tip-offs, a little money to help her through some tough times – but over time her criminality seeped into every aspect of Lou’s life and morphed into something far more sinister and dangerous as the stakes grew.”

I Hate Suzie’s Leila Farzad will be leading the cast of the new BBC One drama, Better.

Speaking about the role she said: “Better is a brilliant fresh take on the morality tale. I am excited to have the opportunity to play Lou Slack, the vehicle through which we explore the multivalent layers of good and bad,” she said.

“A complex, flawed yet utterly human character. I feel very lucky to be a part of such a wonderful show with an incredibly talented team attached to it.”

t continues: “But now, when Lou’s family is brought to the brink of a tragedy that would tear apart everything she has built, she finds her conscience, for so long repressed, awakening. In determining to put right the wrongs that she has spent years rationalising and excusing, to have a second chance at a new, better life, she must first confront her own moral and ethical failings.

“To find her redemption she must bring down the man she has come to love like a brother. The man she has helped place at the head of Leeds criminal underworld. But while Col is a dangerous enemy to make, Lou’s biggest battle may yet be with herself.”

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