Coca-Cola Truck Tour Is Cancelled This Year And We Are Devastated

Coca-Cola Truck Tour Is Cancelled This Year And We Are Devastated

“Holidays are coming! Holidays are coming!” One of the signifiers that Christmas is only around the country each year is the Coca-Cola truck appearing on the TV with the famous jingle playing. That over the years has turned into the truck driving around various places in the UK.

Credit: Wikicommons

Unfortunately that Christmas tradition is one that won’t be going ahead because of the restrictions n place to reduce the spread coronavirus. The fizzy drink company took to their Twitter page to announce the news this weekend.

The message read: “Due to current restrictions around the country, our Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour won’t go ahead this year. We know it’s disappointing, but we’ll continue to share special Christmas moments throughout the festive season. We look forward to seeing you next year!”

Although it’s a tradition some people enjoy each year, as their message reads, there are going to be lots of ‘special Christmas moments’ this year. These moments may be different from others, but as long as the true meaning of Christmas of love and community is shared rather than van driving to various car parks we’ll all be good.

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