COVID Vaccine Passports ‘Under Consideration’ To Be Used In Pubs & Restaurants

The UK could be asked to show that they are vaccinated when visiting areas such as pubs and restaurants, among other social areas as its reported COVID ‘vaccine passports’ are being considered. The news comes as Dominic Raab refused to rule it out last week.

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The Foreign Secretary said the use of a document that proves you’ve been immunised against the disease has not been ruled out. On Sunday, speaking on LBC, when asked about such documents Dominic Raab said: “It is something that hasn’t been ruled out… It’s under consideration, but of course you’ve got to make it workable.”

“I think the thing with when I’ve looked at this, whether it’s at the international, domestic or local level, you’ve got to know that the document that is being presented is something you can rely on – that it is an accurate status of the individual.”

Credit: Unsplash

“So I’m not sure there’s a fool-proof answer in the way that sometimes it’s presented, but we’ll look at all the options.”

It was later played down by Raab’s team, who claimed that the focus was on the international use of the certificates. The news comes as it was announced food and alcohol may be permitted to be served outside in April if COVID-19 cases continue to fall across the country. Boris Johnson is expected to make an announcement on the re-opening of schools today, and is set to release his roadmap out of lockdown sometime next week.

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