Aldi Has A Huge Black Friday Sale – And There’s A Nintendo Switch For Only £230

The American tradition that has seeped into our shopping year is coming this November, shoppers can enjoy a day of deals to buy nana and grandad their new iPhone. This Year it falls on the 27th of November and for the first time ever, Aldi is doing massive discounts on a range of electrical goods.

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Included in Aldi’s discounts this year will be huge deals like iPhones (£199.99), AirPods (£89.99), and Nintendo Switches (£229.99). The offer will be for a limited time only and once the sell out- that’s it.

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You can take part in Aldi’s Black Friday sale via their website on the 27th online only. If you want to see what else is on offer, check out their website here.  Make sure you get on the website early, Aldi has a new queueing system to deal with demand over the Christmas period.

This year more than any other, people will be wanting to save money where they can, so it’s perfect timing by Adli. If you’re looking to save money over Christmas, Morrison’s are doing Christmas Dinner for four boxes that include all the Christmas essentials. If you want to check that out then see what they have on offer here.

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