Deer Have Taken The Streets Of Bridlington After Two Months Of Lockdown

Deer Have Taken The Streets Of Bridlington After Two Months Of Lockdown

There’s a number of wildlife species we can often spot at the beach… Seagulls, crabs, fish… and deer? Yep, somehow, that last one seems a little out of place.

Usually residing in forests and grasslands, deer have curiously been spotted hopping along Bridlington’s seafront, catching the sunrise before civilisation awakes – at least, they thought. The glorious event was captured on camera yesterday morning at 4am by resident Lee Williamson, who was stunned to see four Roe deer just metres away from his car.

“It’s not every day you see four deer just strolling about the seafront at sunrise”, you can hear Lee saying in his video. “literally ten metres in front of my car.”

The deer continue to nosey around for a few minutes, before eventually trotting off down the silent roads of Brid to the next spot on their itinerary. Think they’re planning a road trip up the East coast?

There are a number of places you can usually spot Roe deer in Yorkshire (and it usually isn’t the seafront), with the beautiful creatures frequenting areas such as the North York Moors, Askham Bog Nature Reserve and Spurn National Nature Reserve. The species is the smallest of the common deer which call Yorkshire home, and they usually opt for woodland, farmland and heathland when choosing a home.

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[Featured image: Lee Williamson/Facebook]