Yorkshire’s ‘Worst Place To Live’ Reviewed By YouTuber With Over 250k Followers

Yorkshire’s ‘Worst Place To Live’ Reviewed By YouTuber With Over 250k Followers

A YouTuber named Charlie Veitch, visited Huddersfield in his latest video entitled Huddersfield: Posh Urband Decay to film first impressions video of the West Yorkshire town.

Veitch is a controversial video blogger and online activist with more than 250,000 followers and on his visit to Huddersfield, he went to the town centre Edgerton and Longroyd Bridge. It’s not surprising he chose the town to visit as it did take second place in a poll of worst places to live in the UK with one person citing “There’s nothing but pound shops and a few coffee shops. It’s polluted, unclean and full of idiots. It’s a horrible place to live.”

The YouTuber could have slated Huddersfield throughout his video but he chose to take a grass is always greener approach to the town and eventually came to the conclusion that he would choose to live in the university town.

Credit: Charles Veitch

He refers to its “gorgeous” architecture referring to the old radio station as “gorgeous, and almost French in its detailing” and admired the train station’s “Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian buildings.”

That being said he didn’t hold back when he visited some of the less attractive places including an abandoned house full of big bags, empty white lightning bottles and other such items.

Credit: Charles Veitch

In fact one thing the film entitled Huddersfield: Posh Urban Decay highlighted was the number of derelict buildings in the areas he visited.

He also wasn’t impressed with some of the structural choices of the town’s most important buildings calling the police station an “embarrassment” due to its plastic cheap looking exterior.

Credit: Charles Veitch

He visits the Bus Station describing it as similar to Preston done in a brutalist style. He said: “It reminds me of some of the poorer parts of Brazil. And, they’re a ‘third world country’.”

Credit: Charles Veitch

“Look at the monstrosity that is Kirklees college.” He points out that the college a ‘giant plastic mosaic’ which doesn’t quite fit with the natural rolling hills of the surrounding areas.

He stumbles across abandoned 420 student apartments which he points out how ‘cheaply made they seem’. Along with huge burnt-out brutalist buildings structures in the town centre

He continues by saying: “If you want an image of your average northern town, here we are he proclaims. It’s a very large abandoned structure that goes on and on”. which he believes to be a prison but is in fact an old hospital.

Credit: Charles Veitch

He moves on to look at a student accommodation which he is quite impressed with naming it an ‘eight million pound Chelsea townhouse’ vibes.

Credit: Charles Veitch

He looks at a house for sale which he says looks very nice with its red letter box and monkey puzzle tree as a sign of Middle class. He visits what he calls the middle-class region. The area he points out becomes leafier and more affluent.

Credit: Charles Veitch

After the good, the bad and the ugly of what Huddersfield had to offer during his visit he concludes that “there is everything in Huddersfield, all the architecture, all the beautiful aesthetic buildings area here. All it needs is the right management

“It’s very pretty. There is a lot of the existing old very big beautiful listed buildings” Giving the train station which is a Grade I listed building. His last words are “the town’s got potential, the victorian buildings should be residential.

Check out the full Huddersfield: Posh Urban Decay video below:

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