Experts Have Predicted The Price Of A Pint Could Rise To Nearly £14 By 2025

Experts Have Predicted The Price Of A Pint Could Rise To Nearly £14 By 2025

Prepare yourself for some staggering predictions with the Yorkshire cry at the ready as the price of a pint is set to spike over the next few years. In the next year which could mean pints costing up to £9 in places and up to £14 by 2025. “Hoooow muuuuch?”

The shock findings predict that the price of a pint is set to rise in London to at least £9 a pint by next year for the most expensive pubs. Who knows what that means for us Yorkshire folk?

Pension providers Penfold published a study that predicted the cost of a beer could be as much as £13.98 by 2025 at its current rate of inflation.

Just as pubs were enjoying customers returning after the low trade during the pandemic, rising energy costs have hit them even harder with pubs, restaurants and hotel chiefs writing to the Government with their concerns.

The British Beer and Pub Association has called for a cut to beer duty, reduced business rates for pubs and an urgent energy cap for small businesses.

Credit: Penfold

Energy price caps don’t apply to businesses, so any factors such as a 300 per cent increase to the bill when renewing tariffs are affecting things, according to The Sun.

Energy costs plus wages, and supply change challenges all add up to a significant increase in issues within the sector at the minute.

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