Doncaster Sheffield Airport To Close For Good, Owners Announce

Doncaster Sheffield Airport To Close For Good, Owners Announce

Doncaster Sheffield Airport will close for good, owners have announced.

Formerly known as Robin Hood Airport – and also the backdrop to hit show Come Fly With Me, starring Matt Lucas and David Walliams – the airport will begin winding down operations this October, before closing its doors permanently.

The airport can be found near Doncaster and serves around 1.4 million passengers a year and flies to 54 destinations worldwide.

Rumours have been swirling for months now, as it’s been said that owners Peel Group has pumped £250m into the airport without any profit. 800 jobs are at risk.

Despite petitions from locals to keep the airport running, owners insist there were no tangible solutions to the airport’s financial problems.

A statement reads: “Today the Peel Group announces that the Strategic Review at Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA) has ended,

“Regretfully, no tangible proposals have been received regarding the ownership of the airport or which address the fundamental lack of financial viability.

“The high fixed costs associated with running a safe, regulated airport, together with recent events materially reducing prospective future aviation income streams, mean that a break-even business plan cannot be identified for the foreseeable future.

“As a result, DSA will begin winding down the provision of aviation services during the week commencing Monday, 31 October 2022.”

The Peel Group will continue to look into the future of the GatewayEast site.

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