Starbucks Has Launched A Limited-Edition Bubbletastic Frappuccino – And It Looks Amazing

The warm weather is on its way… It’s not quite here yet, but it’s on its way. When it arrives, us Yorkshire folk will need something to keep us cool When your mum’s cheap choc ices aren’t cutting it try one of Starbucks’ new amazing frappuccinos.

Credit: Starbucks

Well, Starbucks has launched their new Bubbletastic Frappuccino, topped with whipped cream and pink popping cand. This bubblegum-flavoured drink will give you the caffeine and sugar hit that you’re craving this summer.

This pastel blue drink topped with pink popping candy will give you all the nostalgia this summer and is only available for a short time. I when we say short, we mean short. You can only get it from today until the 17th of April. It costs £3.30 and will be the best £3.30 you spend… this week.

Credit: Unsplash

Order yours from all Starbucks across the UK or get it delivered via Uber Eats or, Just Eat. You won’t even have to leave your garden to enjoy one of these bad boys.

As well as this crazy drink, you can also get their Chocolate Chip Cookie Latte, which is available until the 5th of May.

All the great summer drinks are being released this time of year. One of our favourites has to be Brothers Cider’s new Honeycomb cider, which sounds like my dream drink, I will be necking a few of these this summer that’s for sure.