Energy Companies Are Sharing Their Top Tips For Slashing Bills Amid Price Hike Crisis

Energy Companies Are Sharing Their Top Tips For Slashing Bills Amid Price Hike Crisis

As Brits face a hefty increase in energy pricing – which will see the price cap increase by a whopping £693 – suppliers are sharing their top tips for slashing bills, with tons of easy changes you can try at home now.

Affecting approximately 22 million households across the UK who use a standard tariff, the price cap will hit a record high this April and it will not be updated until October. It is unclear whether the price cap will increase or decrease this Autumn.

While the price hike is likely to be worrying for most households in the UK, there are a number of small changes you can make now that could decrease your bills slightly over the coming months.

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Here’s simple changes you can make to your energy usage:

Heating and household

  • Turn off your lights when you leave a room
  • Turn off radiators in empty rooms
  • Use energy-efficient bulbs
  • Turn off plug sockets when you’re not using them – this can save up to £35 per year
  • Get a smart meter so you can track your usage
  • Turn the thermostat down by just 1C – this can save up to a whopping £80 per year
  • Bleed your radiators to avoid cold spots
  • Move furniture away from radiators to allow heat to circulate
  • Close your curtains or blinds to keep heat in
  • Fit radiator reflector panels on exterior walls – or put aluminium foil on the wall behind the radiator
  • Use draught excluders
  • Use your dishwasher less often – even if its just skipping one day a week
  • Use a microwave where possible
  • Prepare meals in a slow cooker
  • Only fill the kettle with the water you need and no more
  • Fill your freezer right up, using cardboard or water bottles to fill any gaps
  • Invest in loft insulation to help keep heat in


  • Turn off the tap when washing the pots and brushing teeth
  • Swap one bath per week for a shower
  • Cap shower-time to just 4 minutes per shower – this can help save up to £20 per year
  • Wash clothes at 30C and only turn it on when the drum is full
  • Don’t use a tumble dryer – air dry your clothing as much as possible
  • Use the shortest and coolest cycle available

The government has announced a number of small measures to help the public with the increase in the cost of living, including a £150 refund on Council Tax this April (non-repayable), and a £200 discount on energy bills this October, which will be repayable by £40 per year over five years from 2023. The discount will be automatically applied by energy suppliers.

The warm home discount will also be extended to low-income households, in addition to those on pension credit, meaning the 3 million households that are eligible in the UK will receive an additional £150 discount in the winter.

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