This Chain Behind ‘Disgusting’ Yorkshire Hotel Has Been Ranked Worst In The UK

This Chain Behind ‘Disgusting’ Yorkshire Hotel Has Been Ranked Worst In The UK

There is nothing worst than staying in a hotel to find questionable stains, bathrooms that haven’t been cleaned in years and paper-thin walls, which leave very little to the imagination to what is going on in the other room.

Well, the chain that is behind The Grand in Scarborough has been voted the worst in the country for the 9th consecutive year. It’s such as shame as it is a beautifully stunning building that looks out on the Yorkshire Coast, but for whatever reason has been neglected over the years with spiders nests, bird poo, and damp being common sights in its rooms.

JThomas / The Grand Hotel / CC BY-SA 2.0

Britannia was rated poorly in most categories including cleanliness, bathrooms and value for money. The survey is done by the consumer group Which? who asked a total of 2,371 members of the public and Which? members who stayed in a UK hotel in the 15 months to October 2021 were surveyed.

Britannia has 61 hotels in Britain, that includes Scarborough’s The Grand and also Britannia Hotel in Leeds. The hotel chain received a customer 

score of 49% according to WalesOnline reports. There is a range of incidents that guests have been confronted with while staying at the hotel that would make any holiday turn into a holiday from hell.

According to the survey, over half the people that stayed in a Britannia hotel ran into issues during their stay with cleanliness being the biggest issue with a one out of five for bathrooms.

Which? Travel editor Rory Boland said: “Year after year, guests are let down by Britannia’s run-down hotels and often dirty rooms.

“This year saw some slight improvements to the chain’s score – but not enough to drag it off the bottom of our rankings.

“Until the company ups its game further we would urge guests to look elsewhere.”

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