Famous York University Duck ‘Long Boi’ Is Missing

Famous York University Duck ‘Long Boi’ Is Missing

The famous Long Boi, a tall duck that lives at the University of York, has gone missing, the university has confirmed.

The duck that went famous on Reddit after being called the ‘tallest mallard ever’, although this information is incorrect the duck’s popularity grew and it has now gone missing.

According to The Tab, Lon Boi hasn’t been seen since 22nd April leaving many fans of the duck, who has over 56k followers on Instagram, worried.

An Instagram post on the duck’s account read: “Long Boi’s age is unknown and he has never gone missing like this before. Very sadly, this disappearance suggests a strong possibility that Long Boi may have passed away.

“It is unclear how or exactly when this may have happened, and we can only hope that if Long Boi really is gone, his passing was peaceful.

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“Any information on sightings of Long Boi or his last known location would be incredibly useful in working out what may have happened.”

The mallard’s height stands at 70cm so he’ll definitely stand out in a crowd – so be on the lookout for the famous bird. university staff is also vigilant.

The University of York spokesperson said: “Long Boi is a much-loved character on campus and whilst we haven’t seen him around over the past few weeks, we continue to keep a lookout for him and hope to see him again, safe and well, soon.”

People have been quick to share their worry and love for Long Boi with one person commenting on the post: “Oh no! We have so enjoyed sharing the adventures of Long Boi. There will never be another quite like him.”

Watch Long Boi featuring on BBC Radio 1 below:

Another wrote: “I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of a very special duck”

And a third wrote: “Heartbroken. I live in the states and was saving up to see him. He made me smile through some tough times. Thank you for sharing his life, I absolutely adored him.”

We do hope he turns up safe and sound, but only time will tell!

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Feature Image Credit: Long Boi Instagram