The Tiny Yorkshire Village That’s Become A Big Screen Sensation

The Tiny Yorkshire Village That’s Become A Big Screen Sensation

While Goathland may seem unassuming from the outside, the village has attracted some talented filmmakers over the years, providing the backdrop to a number of big hitters in the past few decades.

Sitting frozen in time within the stunning North York Moors, there’s an air of Victoriana about the place – oozing charm and nostalgic feels by the bucketload. A charm that, quite clearly, lends itself extremely well to the silver screen.

What TV shows and films has Goathland featured in?

Now, just at the sheer mention of Goathland, many a Yorkie will begin belting out the theme tune to Heartbeat – but it’s not just the people of fictional Aidensfield that have created golden content against the backdrop of the North York Moors village.

The famous railway station in the village actually served as the fictional Hogsmeade Station for the first Harry Potter movie, providing the perfect setting to match the film series’ quirky, old-worldy tone.

Goathland Grocery Store/BKP/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

Harry Potter, as expected, has become the village’s biggest starring role, with the series’ leading stars – including Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Robbie Coltrane – visiting to be a part of the scenes.

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And while, of course, being a big (and small!) screen success is quite the honour in itself, Goathland has so much more to offer than just a pretty place to film.

Credit: Warner Bros.

The tiny village is a complete slice of serenity, foregoing the hustle and bustle that many of our towns and cities now boast for a much, much simpler life. It’s so serene, in fact, that sheep graze on the village greens, baaing and grazing to their heart’s content among the villagers going about their days.

Where is there to eat and drink in Goathland?

Home to a number of quaint tea rooms and cafes, Goathland itself consists of only one pub – The Goathland Hotel – which Heartbeat fans may well know better as The Aidensfield Arms.

Goathland Station
cc-by-sa/2.0 – © Wayland Smith –

There, guests can settle down in the beer garden with a nice cold ale, chow down on proper pub grub – including filled Yorkshire puds (when in Yorkshire, right?!) – and even shop Heartbeat-themed souvenirs to take home after the trip.

Elsewhere across the blissful destination, visitors will notice that long-running Heartbeat has completely embedded itself within the village – with little Easter Eggs among the shops and plenty of merchandise up for grabs.

Goathland Village
cc-by-sa/2.0 – © Richard Slessor –

What Walks are their near Goathland?

Walks-wise, the village attracts hundreds of ramblers every single year – with many visiting after a trip to the breathtaking Mallyan Spout waterfall that lies nearby.

Or take on the idyllic Goathland to Grosmont ‘rail trail’ – which leads adventurers along an old railway line, before bringing visitors back up to Goathland via the old-fashioned North York Moors Railway – a unique and highly recommended experience.

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