Google Maps New Feature Shows Restaurants Offering Takeaways and Deliveries In Your Area

Google Maps New Feature Shows Restaurants Offering Takeaways and Deliveries In Your Area
Bring the dining experience to your home!

If you are searching for restaurants that deliver over the lockdown period, Google maps has you covered. Their new feature makes it easier to find restaurants delivering in your area so you can bring the restaurant experience into your home this Easter.

There are lots of articles floating around the internet on how to make ‘restaurant-quality meals’, ‘Make Your Own McDonald’s’ hacks and more. But, sometimes the real thing is what you need. Google maps’ new feature will give you and your family a well-deserved treat for staying isolated over the Easter weekend. It allows you to get your favourite restaurant’s meals delivered right to your door.

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It is simple and easy to use

At the top of Google maps, where you’d usually find ‘petrol’ and ‘chemist’ a new filter ‘delivery’ and ‘takeaway has been added.

Tap either option and hey presto! A list of all the restaurants in your area that are offering delivery and takeaway options. You can also search ‘takeaway’ or ‘delivery’ n the search bar for the same result.

It gives you the restaurants phone number to ring and order or their online details if applicable. Some restaurants in the area may not be on Google maps so don’t be too disappointed if your favourite restaurant doesn’t appear.

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Obviously, you can still use JustEat or Deliveroo and UberEats if you are city folk, but this is just another way in which we can have a little bit of normality your daily lives as well as supporting those businesses that are struggling amid this epidemic.

It is a hard time for all at the minute so all these little things companies are doing really help get us through this tumultuous time. So share a nice meal with your nearest and dearest this Easter, step back from cooking and have some time to yourselves.

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