You Can Now Camp In A Converted School Bus In The Lake District

All everybody wants to do after being cooped up for nearly 4 months is get out into the wilderness. And with that in mind, we’ve been hunting down the best stays in and around Yorkshire to get you folk some fresh air. While on our grand search, we found some amazing stays – and this unique converted school bus VW camper combo is definitely one you won’t forget in a hurry.

Credit: Canopy and Stars

A stone’s throw away from Yorkshire in the stunning Lake District, this old school bus and VW camper combo has been shipped all the way over from America and turned into the perfect weekend stay all year round. With a built-in AGA cooker, hot shower, compost loo, modern sound system and all of the original driver fittings, combined with modern gleaming wood and lattice glass – it’s a seriously impressive stay. Did we mention that the bedroom is upstairs in a VW fitted on the school bus’ roof? You can wake up to beautiful views of the Lake Districts picturesque landscape, views of which are difficult to match. We couldn’t think of a better way to be woken up.

Credit: Canopy and Stars

The interior of the van has an old British cottage vibe, with a warm wood finish and cosy furnishings. It fits in perfectly with the view that you look out to and makes you feel comfy and warm just looking at it. With just the one double bed up top, it’s a great stay for a couple’s getaway.

Credit: Canopy and Stars

The outside features are just as impressive, too. There is a gorgeous fire bowl and hot tub so you can enjoy the sunsets with a few vinos – whether it’s a summer’s day or a cold winter’s night, you can enjoy a cosy stay all year round.

There are a few pubs to visit a couple of miles away if you fancy a hearty meal, and there is a mini BBQ if you fancy getting back to nature and cooking up a meal in the great outdoors.

Canopy and Stars

This beautiful stay rings in at a minimum £150 a night, with a two night minimum required. It’s an idyllic getaway, that is matched only by the beauty of the land that it sits – and if you want the chance to stay, you‘ll have to get in there quick to book as it is a very popular destination! Find out more and book your stay here.

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Feature Image Credit: Canopy and Stars