Hugh Bonneville & Noel Fielding To Star In New Dick Turpin Comedy

Hugh Bonneville & Noel Fielding To Star In New Dick Turpin Comedy

Noel Fielding takes on the role of Dick Turpin, a man who always believed his destiny was beyond chopping meat in his father’s butcher shop – and he was proven right. As the accidental leader of the Essex Gang, a notorious band of outlaws, Dick discovers his true calling.

Although he may be a peace-loving vegan who values style over firearms, his lack of traditional highwayman skills is compensated by his boundless creativity, ingenuity, and his remarkably pointed purple shoes.

For those who don’t know Dick Turpin was was an English highwayman whose exploits were romanticised following his execution in York for horse theft. And, he was also known for a fictional 200-mile (320 km) overnight ride from London to York on his horse Black Bess.

Noel Fielding Dick Turpin

This unconventional retelling portrays Dick as an unlikely yet celebrated highwayman, whose fame arises from his charisma, flair, and impeccable hair. With his endearing group of rogues, he embarks on the unpredictable journey of fame and its pitfalls, all while attempting to evade the clutches of the Thief Taker General.

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Hugh Bonneville takes on the antagonist’s role in “The Completely Made-Up Adventures Of Dick Turpin,” an Apple TV+ comedy project by Noel Fielding, exclusively revealed by British Comedy Guide.

Playing opposite Fielding’s portrayal of the legendary 18th Century highwayman, Bonneville, known for his roles in “W1A” and “Paddington,” embodies the role of “Thief Taker General” Jonathan Wilde – Dick Turpin’s arch-nemesis.

Wilde, often referred to as Wild, poses as a civic-minded vigilante while covertly navigating both sides of the law. He hunts down criminals, advises the government, and simultaneously runs his own clandestine underworld operation.

Among the array of talented actors joining Noel Fielding and Hugh Bonneville are Duayne Boachie, Asim Chaudhry, Tamsin Greig, Mark Heap, Ellie White, Joe Wilkinson, and more.

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Feature Image Credit: Apple TV+

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