Europe’s Largest Fair Is Returning To Hull This October With Our Favourite Rides And Stalls

Europe’s Largest Fair Is Returning To Hull This October With Our Favourite Rides And Stalls

We’ve loved Hull Fair ever since we were kids, so the news of its return this year has us excited! There is nothing better than chowing down on some cotton candy, or playing some of the fair games like hook-a-duck. It seems we aren’t the only ones that are excited for Hull Fair 2023 return this October.

One of the oldest running and largest fairs in Europe, Hull Fair, announced via Facebook that it will be returning on Friday 6th October. The iconic fair will have all the usual attractions and rides such as fun houses, sweet stalls, burger vans, helter skelters and mini versions of roller coasters and waltzers.

Credit: Photo © Ian S (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Expect over 250 rides and attractions old and new from one of the biggest travelling fairs in Europe. Hull is recorded as the oldest fair having records that go back more than 700 years ago to 1278.

In fact, it is now in its 729th year and is the largest travelling fair in Europe that sees hundreds of thousands of people descend upon it each year. In 2019 over 800,000 people visited the fair.

And as the nights draw in, it won’t be long until Hull’s Walton Street is once moor flooded with dazzling lights, smells of fried onions and tunes pumping out from the fairground rides.

New rides including this year are Toxic, Is an outward facing freakout-style ride, and Abie Danters Air, the beast of a machine spins rider 98ft in the air, its an iconic ride at any fairground! That’s not all, Hull Fair 2023 offers a ride not seen on Walton Street in over a decade! Confirmed for 2023 Hackett’s Funfairs Top Spin, spinning thrill-seekers 54ft in the air.

Where is Hull Fair 2023?

It can be found alongside the MKM Stadium in Walton Street car park. The postcode is HU3 6JR. You are best finding car parking spaces further afield and heading to the fair on foot as it can be very busy all year round.

When is it?

Hull Fair 2023
Credit: Photo © Paul Harrop (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Hull Fair 2023 will start on Friday 6th October and run through to Saturday 14th October. That gives you eight days to enjoy all that Hull Fair 2021 has to offer.

The fair is set to be open from 5pm-11pm on the first Friday. On the two Saturdays of the fair, it will be open from 12pm-11pm. From Monday to Friday, it will open from 2pm-11pm.

How much is it to enter Hull Fair?

Hull Fair 2023 is free entry and rides and attractions range from £1 to £3 to £4 for the bigger rides. With food and drink varying in price also.

We can’t wait to stuff our faces with candy floss and hot dogs before going on some of the carni rides!

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