The Freakiest Haunted Houses And Escape Rooms In Yorkshire This Halloween

The Freakiest Haunted Houses And Escape Rooms In Yorkshire This Halloween

Ready to scare yourself silly this Halloween? We’ve got you. From freaky haunted houses packed full of jumpscares to unsettling woodlands where zombies lurk after dark… Yorkshire has some seriously scary events to enjoy this Halloween. But we should probably warn you, you’ll want to leave the kids at home. Oh. And just try and remember *not* to fill up on loads of sweets beforehand. Check out our guide to the best haunted houses and scare sites in Yorkshire this Halloween.

1. Stockeld Park

Credit: Stockeld Park

This Halloween, Stockeld Park are mixing things up to bring an experience that the grown-ups can enjoy, too.

Hosting two spooky escape rooms, guests can get trapped inside The Basement or The Attic, where they’ll need to work together as a team to break out.

Guests will need to solve the mystery before the timer runs out, and while it’s perfect for adults, kids over 12 are welcome to take part, too. Find out more here.

2. Hallowscream at York Maze

Credit: Hallowscream at York Maze

York Maze’s popular Hallowscream event is returning, with tons of scare houses to choose from.

Awarded the best scare house in the UK, guests can expect terrifying houses packed full of live actors, who’ll be scaring the absolute bejesus out of anyone who dares to enter. Expects tons of jump scares, live DJs, plenty of booze on hand, and even live performances.

Naturally, this one isn’t suitable for kids under the age of 14, because trust us when we say, York Maze goes all out for Halloween.

The event sold out completely last year, so you’ll want to act fast to guarantee a spot. Get tickets here.

3. Yorkshire Scaregrounds

Credit: Yorkshire Scare Grounds

Wakefield’s freaky Yorkshire Scare Grounds are returning, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

This Halloween, Yorkshire folk can face their fears and take on the experience, with two terrifying scare zones to escape from.

In the ‘Forest of Freaks’, visitors will run from undead clowns and circus performers, who were all killed and mutilated in a horrific accident 100 years ago.

The second scare zone this year is Undead Central, where gruesome zombies roam freely, frenzied for fresh blood (AKA – you!).

In addition to the scare zones, Yorkshire Scare Grounds is hosting five other attractions, including a Jack the Ripper experience, the demented dentist, a lifesize haunted dollhouse, a crazed scientist’s lab and a human safari. Tickets are on sale now here.

4. Pigs in the Wood

Credit: Unsplash

Huddersfield’s Pigs in the Wood is going all out this Halloween, bringing all things that go bump in the night to their very own freaky woodland.

The undead will lurk in the woods this Halloween, hiding behind trees and chasing humans as they hunt for their next meal.

Pigs in the Wood will host both a kid-friendly and a scarier adult version of the event, with much more gore and more traps to escape. Find out more.

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