Hull Gets New ‘Welcome To Hull’ Sign That Absolutely Savages Leeds

Hull Gets New ‘Welcome To Hull’ Sign That Absolutely Savages Leeds

It’s always nice when the local council invests in something new for our beloved towns and cities. But what’s even better? When they include a little lighthearted humour that brightens our days a little.

Popping up in Hull just this week, Hull City Council debuted a brand new (and unsuspecting) ‘Welcome to Hull’ sign – vibrant and colourful boasting lovely illustrations of Hull’s dockside history, with the addition of a cheeky little stab at a fellow Yorkshire city.

Spotted by BBC Look North presenter Peter Levy, the sign hilariously says “We know we aren’t perfect, but at least we aren’t Leeds”.

Levy shared the creative sign on Twitter branding it ‘genius’, before Hull City Council swiftly added that they had nothing to do with it.

The Council said on Twitter: “We didn’t include this line on the sign, it has been added by someone afterwards, so we suspect it’s a bit of mischievous fun.”

The cheeky addition has caused quite the stir among the community, with some praising the addition of a little tongue in cheek humour and others branding it ‘disrespectful’.

One Twitter user said: “Suggest the people of Kingston Upon the River Hull don’t need to have snide remarks defaming another city in order to welcome visitors. No city is perfect, we have nothing to be ashamed of and everything to be proud of. Please get the line covered up asap and apologise to Leeds.”

While others defended the sign saying: “After all the upset of the last two years, I can’t believe people are upset by this. It’s just a bit of fun! Had some great mates from Leeds and I’m sure that they won’t be stuck for a suitable response. Taking the mickey is what we Yorkshire folk do best!” and “A lot of Karen’s on here today. It’s just a bit of humour, try it you might like it!”

It’s unclear who was behind the text and whether it will become a permanent addition, however, we must say, we personally love it.

[Featured image: DavidPHarrison Instagram]

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