8 Of The Most Secret & Secluded Beaches In Yorkshire

8 Of The Most Secret & Secluded Beaches In Yorkshire

There is nothing like local knowledge whenever you are visiting somewhere. Whether it is where to go for the best fish and chips, or what walks are the most enjoyable. So, these insider tips on these secret beaches are perfect with summer on the horizon. You can’t quite beat the feeling of finding somewhere secluded that is away from the crowds and the more tourist hot spots. Enjoy our list of the best-kept secret beaches in Yorkshire to visit.

1. Fraisthorpe

Just outside of Bridlington, this beach is a great alternative to the busy North and South beaches. Hidden down a long country lane, Fraisthorpe beach is the perfect ‘secret’ beach that only locals tend to know about.

It has a lovely wide stretch of beach where you can walk for miles in either direction.

You can enjoy observing windsurfers whilst you wander along the vast expanse of the sandy beach. Afterwards, head down to the Cow Shed cafe for a lovely brew.

2. Mappleton Beach

This stretch of beach is 3 miles from Hornsea and is a great place to go fossil hunting. It’s one of those beaches that you stumble on by chance – and then can’t find again.

It offers miles and miles of flat, beautiful sandy beach that is perfect for exploring and swimming.

It’s a two-minute walk away from the Old Post Office Tea Room, where you can get a brew after traversing this hidden gem.

3. Cayton Bay

The super-secret surf spot only locals know about is a great place for a picturesque walk – close by to the popular tourist resort, Scarborough. It has some lovely views and is great to see people surfing, but be wary of the steep climb to get there and when you get back off the beach.

It has a little bit of history with the war defense pillboxes, which can be found along the coastline. This is one of our favourite secret beaches in Yorkshire.

4. Hunmanby Gap

Hunmanby Gap is another beloved gem on the Yorkshire coastline. It has some amazing panoramic views to enjoy a fabulous view of Filey. You can enjoy a great big wide beach that is best visited during low tide.

It’s another steep walk down to the beach but once you are down there is a huge stretch of golden-white sand to walk along. There is a great Hunmanby Gap Cafe where you can enjoy a brew as well as some fantastic views when you’re finished exploring.

5. Hayburn Wyke

The little-known beach of Hayburn Wyke can be found just outside of Scarborough. There is a coastal path that dips down (which is a fairly difficult climb back up) and when you emerge onto the beach you are greeted with a pair of mesmerising waterfalls.

This is a predominately rocky beach – which makes it great for searching for fossils. When you are finished you can stop off at the Hayburn Wyke pub for a lovely lunch.

6. Danes Dyke

Danes Dyke is a pretty underrated beach that gives you the best of both worlds – enjoy a steep walk down through the woods where you are greeted with a wonderfully secluded beach that has beautifully golden sands when the tide is out.

When it’s in, however, enjoy clambering over the white rocks while searching for fossils.

The beach is a little stony in places but has some outstanding views of the white chalked cliffs. It also boasts some great views from the cliff tops and a little shop where you can get food and drink to enjoy a little picnic.

7. North Landing, Flamborough

This idyllic beach of North Landing has a rather intimate feeling, as though the white chalky cliffs of Flamborough hem you in to make the place feel even more secluded.

The natural cove is a mixture of soft sand and pebbles and is great for swimming in the sea, exploring caves and hunting for marine life in the rock pools.

At the top of the hill, there is a cafe that offers food and drinks so you don’t have to worry about a picnic if you don’t the hassle – one less thing to carry down to the beach with you.

8. Kettleness Beach

If your looking for one of the best secret beaches in Yorkshire with a difference then the Kettleness beach waterfall is for you.

The little stretch of beach with golden sands – as well as being a great spot for beach fun – is great for exploring the rocks for crabs and fossils.

In fact, it is a popular haunt for fossil hunters. You can find anything from dinosaur bones to ammonites along the shores, while, of course, enjoying the stunning beach waterfall.

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