Huge 60ft Deep Yorkshire Dales Pothole Has Filled With Water In Rare Sight For Walkers

Huge 60ft Deep Yorkshire Dales Pothole Has Filled With Water In Rare Sight For Walkers

As storms and flood waters take over roads along several North Yorkshire routes including the A684 in Appersett, near Hawes video footage has revealed the popular hiking spot Hull Pot filled with water.

The rare site for walkers near Pen-y-Ghent in the Yorkshire Dales was full to the brim. Usually, the water descends 60ft into the 300ft long and 60ft wide pothole.

Watch the video for the Hull Pot full to the brim below:

But, the new video footage shows the hole looking more like a lake. Footage captured by Brian Stallwood, who regularly walks his dogs on the fells near Hull Pot shows the hole completely full.

The BBC reports Stallwood saying: “Normally you can hear the thunder of the waterfall as you get close to it and I couldn’t hear it – I figured it had to be a lake rather than a waterfall,” the 66-year-old said.

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“I suspect it does fill up after long periods of rain, maybe once or twice every two or three years, but you’ve got to be there to see it as it soon dies back, I just happened to be there at the right time.”

Hull Pot is usually quite the site after a little bit of rainfall. You’re be greeted with the impressive sight of a stunning waterfall, which cascades over the edge of the cavern filling the bottom with water.

People have been quick to show their amazement at the video with one person writing: “Wow! I remember sitting on the stone slabs for bait looking down to the dry Hull Pot”

Another wrote: “Wow never seen that before, that’s one deep pool, you wouldn’t want to go down into.”

And a third agreed writing: “I wonder how close Malham Cove was to having a trickle over it.”

Another joked: “It’ll probably be the wife’s hair…same story in our shower…”

It has been known to fill to the brim with water overflowing and running down the hillside. However, this is a rare occurrence but there are archive pictures of such occasions.

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