35 Words & Phrases That Only People From Hull Will Understand

35 Words & Phrases That Only People From Hull Will Understand

When you grow up in Yorkshire, the variation of language from town to town can differ. Never mind city to city. So, we asked the people from East Yorkshire city what Hull words and sayings they remember from growing up. And, they did not disappoint.

Yorkshire words and phrases can overlap, but some of these are 100% Hull and we know the locals would argue otherwise. Check out the fantastic use of language that has been displayed over the years. Whether it was your gran and grandad who said em or words between friends – it’s great to see that the Yorkshire words and phrases aren’t going anywhere anytime oon.

1. “A penny all off”

A short back and sides.

2. “Amgunna”

I’m going to.

3. “Bags foggy”

I would like to go first.

4. “Baines”

Young children (note the difference to the more common “bairnes”).

5. “Bikkies”


6. “Booling”

As in “booling a pram”.

7. “Breadcake”

A large soft bread roll.

8. “Brock”


9. “Curled”


10. “Chow/chowed”

Told off.

11 “Croggie”

A lift on a friend’s bike. “Gie us a croggie!”

12. “Cockle over”

Stumble or fall.

13. “Codheads”

Fisherman, or for people from outside the city, slang for the people of Hull.

14. “Dinntit?”

Didn’t it.

15. “Della”


16. “Duvall”

A handsome man or playboy.

17. “Err Nerr”

Oh no.

18. “Feet as big as Hunmanby Gap”

Big Feet.

19. “Frame”

As in “frame lad!” – sort yourself out and shape up.

20. “Gerroff”

Get off.

21. “Giz”


22. “Gorn on rerd”

Going on the road.

23. “Icky plush, the man with a velvet bum”

Talking about someone to another adult and we kids asked who they were talking about.

24. “‘odd”

Hold ‘odd yer ‘orses’.

25. “‘ont rerd”

On the road.

26. “Mafting”

Hot. As in “it’s mafting out there today, I’m sweating cobs.”

27. “Mouse”

Gone in a mood.

28. “Pattie”

Mashed potato mixed with parsley and sage; formed into a patty and deep fried in batter.

29. “Pattyslapper”

A female fish factory worker.

30. “Spragging”

Telling on someone.

31. “Skeg”

To take a look.

32: “Tansad”

Folding pushchair.

33. “Tenfoot”

Alley or passageway at the back or side of a building, usually 10 feet wide.

34: “Twagging”

To bunk off from school.

35. “Warl”

As in “can I borrow a tenner warl Monday?” meaning until Monday.

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